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SQL injections
2017-03-31 05:47:11

Once in a while, I like to check what pages are accessed in my website and who is accessing them. And once in a while too I get some random SQL injection attack attempt. This is interesting because I can not imagine what hackers may think they could steal by dumping the information stored in the tables used by this website (which, BTW, are mainly used to store meta-information about visits to the site. The fact that hackers think my simple web server is of any value causes in me some mixed feelings, with one of the worse being a "wow I am important" type of feeling.

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Hello World!
2017-03-08 22:00:51

Hello World! I have decided to create this blog to post stuff once in a while about a variety of topics. I hope this blog lasts longer than my previous ones and that I have interesting things to post about so people on the internet find it useful.

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