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2016-11-20 Just returned from Salt Lake City, in Utah, from volunteering in the SCinet program at SC16!.

2016-08-22 Saying hello from Grenoble, France, the capital of the French Alps!!. Presenting at EuroPar-16 on Wednesday.

2016-07-22 New section in the site.

2016-05-16 I will be working at Bell Labs this summer in the Murray Hill (NJ) campus !

2016-04-25 EuroPar-16 paper published !!

2016-04-07 Just came back from an awesome 10-days road trip accross the United States. A well deserved, and needed, vacation.

2016-02-13 Secured nice job this summer (more details later). Also, I added a new section to the web: Web Stats.


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