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2016-04-07 Just came back from an awesome 10-days road trip accross the United States. A well deserved, and needed, vacation.

2016-02-13 Secured nice job this summer (more details later). Also, I added a new section to the web: Web Stats.

2015-11-02 Going to Austin, TX, in less than a week to vonlunteer for SC15. This year I will be there for two weeks as part of the SCinet program!

2015-08-15 Nice summer at Argonne this year. Learned lots, and hopefully there is another research paper in the pipeline.

2015-08-14 I gave a talk about my summer research.

2015-06-17 Great time attending HPDC-15 at Portland, OR.

2015-05-26 Back at ANL this summer working with Franck Cappello on Fault Tolerance.


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