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2014-05-13 Finished all my course requirements and submitted a paper for the IEEE Cluster conference! (this year in Madrid!).

2014-02-13 Passed all my qualifiers. I am a PhD candidate!

2013-11-16 Volunteering for Supercomputing conference 2013.

2013-08-22 Starting second year as a PhD student.

2013-05-24 Illinois Tech is now a CUDA Teaching Center.

2013-05-17 On May/28th I will start working as a summer intern at Argonne National Laboratory!

2013-05-05 From now on I will be teaching CUDA workshops and TAing for parallel programing courses where CUDA will be part of the curriculum. We (a partner and I) applied for the CUDA Teaching Center program for IIT and got it! We got hardware (GPUs), books, and funding ! :).


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