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2013-04-07 I have a job as "Research Aide" this summer at Argonne National Laboratories!

2013-02-01 My quals are next week; studying hard.

2013-01-06 Starting tomorrow the Game Theory 6 weeks online course offered by Profs. Matthew O. Jackson, Kevin Leyton-Brown and Yoav Shoham from Stanford!

2012-11-28 So excited to start the Heterogeneous Parallel Programming 6 weeks online course offered by Prof. Wen-mei Hwu from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

2012-11-05 I am a finalist at the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) 2012 programming competition.

2012-08-23 I joined the Machine Learning reading club at IIT!

2012-08-20 Today I start my Ph.D. program at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT).


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